Sleeping Girl

Did you know? There seems to be a strong association between sleep and cancer. Past studies have tied poor sleep to an increase risk of breast cancer, and a new study has made a similar association for prostate cancer.

But never fear! There’s lots of things you can do to start getting better sleep tonight.

What constitutes poor sleep?

-First off—taking sleep medication. Most prescription sleep medications don’t give you real, resting, brain regenerating sleep.

-Having trouble falling asleep

-Trouble staying asleep

-Difficulty falling BACK asleep

-Feeling tired during the day

You may only have a few of these problems, but if their regular, it’s enough to disturb the rest your body needs.

So what can you do?

Start by setting the stage! Make yourself a bedtime routine—it can be anything that gets your groggy (no screens, though, i.e. no TV, cell phones, etc.) and try pick a regular time. How strict you are should match how difficult it normally is for you to fall asleep.

Once you’re ready to try and fall asleep no light is a must. But you can also layer things like scent, sound, temperature, etc. to be the right atmosphere. It all depends on your tastes. (And make sure you have the right mattress for your body).

Instead of sleeping pills try a natural supplement with melatonin like Nite MGR. It encourages your body to fall asleep and stay asleep rather than creating an artificial sleep (no trippy sleep walking, unless you have that problem naturally, I suppose). It’s also recommended you pair Nite MGR with our mineral supplement, Cal Mag Complete—that way your body (and brain!) have everything they need to perform their nightly maintenance—meaning your sleep should be less disrupted (they can’t really control small children, dead smoke alarm batteries, or that one friend who doesn’t know about “the phone cutoff“).

Try and wake up gently. You can get an alarm clock (sometimes called a zen alarm) that starts quiet then chimes louder at increasing intervals to pull you out of sleep more naturally than an abrupt ring. Or, try and wake up at a time that will be easy for you (that means going to bed at a time when you’ll have enough sleep. Remember, feeling rested means working more efficiently, so you do have the time!).

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