Krill ShadowYou might already know that omega-3s are good for you, and that if you eat the typical American diet you probably need to balance it out with a few more omega-3s (from either a supplement or more fish, walnuts, or flaxseed in your diet). But what, specifically, do they help with?

A lot. Here are the broad strokes: it supports heart health, brain health (extending to things like memory and learning), joint health (potentially helping with pain and stiffness) and more.

In fact, getting a little more omega-3s in your diet is so effective you need to be careful about mixing them with medications you might be taking (blood thinners in particular).

If you were already told to take an Omega-3 supplement, you were probably warned that fish oil can make you gassy and cause mild indigestion. Forget that, because there’s a better alternative. Krill oil is easier to digest than fish oil, so those gross fish flavored burps aren’t a problem, and your stomach won’t keep reminding you that you took it.

Krill oil also avoids another big problem of fish oil: mercury and other contaminants. Krill are abundant and at the bottom of the food chain. They’re a much, much cleaner source of omega-3 fatty acids! (And they’re more sustainable, especially if you choose Deep Ocean Krill Oil, the harvesting of which is overseen by the World Wildlife Fund Norway.)

One more benefit of krill oil: it’s got astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant. Not only do you directly benefit from another antioxidant in your diet, you indirectly benefit because astaxanthin (along with the better harvesting method) keeps krill oil fresh, it doesn’t need additives like fish oil does.

If you haven’t already, get omega-3s in your diet from a better source: Deep Ocean Krill Oil.

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