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Having extra belly fat means there’s a good chance you’re short on Vitamin D, according to new research. It’s unclear whether lack of Vitamin D makes belly fat grow, or whether belly fat somehow causes low Vitamin D levels. Either way, Vitamin D is important for health in several ways, supporting bones, the immune system, heart health, and more—so if you’ve got extra belly fat, make sure you’re taking extra Vitamin D (a high-quality supplement like Vita One is a great place to start).

You can get Vitamin D from spending time in the sun—although, with modern lifestyles and concerns about skin cancer risk, most people aren’t getting their daily recommended dose that way. Diet can also be a source of Vitamin D, and many foods are fortified with it, including milk and grains (although fortified foods use inferior, cheap forms of vitamins and minerals). Natural food sources of Vitamin D include fatty fish, cheese, and egg yolks.

While few people in modern countries suffer severe Vitamin D deficiency, most have at least moderate Vitamin D deficiency—characterized by low energy, aches, and mild to severe depression, among other common symptoms that most people don’t automatically associate with Vitamin D. Vitamin D is one of the nutrients that almost everyone should be getting more of. To make sure you’re getting it each day, don’t just rely on diet and sunlight, which could vary day to day—make sure you’re getting Vitamin D from a good supplement like Vita One!

The study found that other forms of fat were linked to low Vitamin D levels, too. In men, higher overall body fat was associated with lower Vitamin D levels, while in women, higher liver fat was associated with lower Vitamin D levels (although again, it was a strong correlation without knowing which came first and caused the other problem).

Make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and getting enough Vitamin D each day with Vita One.

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