Summer mood.


There may be a physical cause to your bad moods, periods of depression, anxiety, and sadness: inflammation. According to researchers, there’s a strong correlation between high inflammation in the body and how our minds are feeling, and a new study has built upon that connection by using anti-inflammatories like antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids (in addition to antidepressants) to improve the symptoms of major depression.

Studies like this are great, because it gives the power back to you: take something everyone already knows is safe and healthy, and harness it to support your body and improve your mood. You can get more antioxidants in your diet with Triple Strength Antioxidant, and more Omega-3 with Deep Ocean Krill Oil. Supplements are important because we can’t always eat the perfect diet (and most Americans aren’t even getting close). Especially with depression when you might have trouble mustering the energy to make other healthy choices, supplements are a gentle, low-effort way to boost your health.

Once you get a little momentum, you can get more anti-inflammatories in your life by building other healthy habits. Sleep helps the body repair and restore itself, more fruits and veggies and less sugar gives your body the right building blocks, and exercise plays an important role in the inflammation cycle, helping your body to harness it for your health rather than letting it go unchecked and unbalanced.

Start putting things right by adding antioxidants and Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet with Triple Strength Antioxidant and Deep Ocean Fish Oil. With every layer of support your one step closer to better health, mood, and more.


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