Survive The Cold!


Snow GirlIf you’re buried in snow right now, this article is for you!

Severe weather of any kind is an important time to be extra safe as well as cautious with your health—it’s a horrible time for you to have to drive to the hospital, and to have to depend on doctors fording their way in, too!

Snow presents its own special challenge—most places legally require you to go out and interact with it in the the form of keeping the sidewalks clear. So stay safe with these tips:

-Before shovelling, jog in place to give yourself a warm up. Then take it easy—a smaller shovel may take longer to get the job done, but it will be easier on your muscles. Treat shovelling like other forms of exercise, and listen to your body! Take breaks, and try and watch your temperature (wear warm layers so you can adjust). Don’t smoke or drink before/while shovelling.

-If you HAVE to drive, beware bridges, which can be especially slippery. No matter how used to you are to inclement weather, take it easy out there! You may be frustrated by other drivers, but don’t let them goad you into making unsafe driving decisions!

-Other driving tips: keep your gas tank at least half full, put more distance between you and other cars, drive more slowly, and don’t use cruise control.

-Temperatures are dangerously low in many areas. Limit time outdoors, especially for kids, the elderly, and pets. Older people have less body heat while kids lose theirs quickly, so be sure to have warm up time between activities. Even thick coated dogs can get too cold, so watch your furry friends for signs they need to come in. Short hair and low to the ground breeds will need to come in even sooner.

-Clean outdoor pets of any de-icing agents, like mag chloride, lest they clean themselves off (lick it) and become poisoned.

-And of course, don’t forget to take some colloidal silver. Just because it is cold, doesn’t mean you need one!

Dress warm and enjoy some hot cocoa! Share your cold weather tips in the comments (Or your favorite hot cocoa recipe):


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