Avoid Making Your Allergies Worse


DandelionIf you suffer from allergies, the sight of new blooms on trees probably has you sneezing by reflex. But there are a handful of other things that can actually worsen allergy symptoms you should watch out for:

1) Drinking (especially wine). Besides weakening your immune system, alcohol has been shown to make sneezing and coughing worse (partly how it affects your breathing, partly how it affects your immune system).

2) Speaking of your immune system, stress can also trigger allergies.

3) Fruit can also be a source of pollen, and your body may be more likely to react to it if you’re already suffering from regular pollen allergies. On days where you’ve already got bad symptoms, cooking fruit will ease the effects.

4) Don’t take pollen with you. Even if it’s warm out, wear a light cardigan/jacket that you can take off when you enter buildings, so you aren’t sitting in pollen. Also be careful about your hair—pollen will stick to sprays and gels. If you have really bad allergies, try giving your face a wipe (this can also be helpful before bed).

5) Fight dust mites. On the one hand, humidity will ease your sinuses, on the other, heat and humidity will encourage dust mites.

6) Remove home allergens. Don’t over water plants, brush and wash pets, remove dust from overlooked places (especially ceiling fans, before you turn them on!). Also make sure you’ve changed filters and cleaned vents.

7) Don’t forget your car. Give it a vacuum, or spring for a deluxe detail to get rid of allergens (especially if your park near a tree that’s really giving them off!).

How are your allergy symptoms this year?


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