Beer: Good For Feeling Social, Ok For Your Liver, Bad For Your Brain


Man Drnking BeerGoing to the pub may lift your spirits. And while you may be worried about your liver, consider this: if you’re going to drink (not drinking is still best of all), drinking a little bit every day is the best for your liver. It reduces your risk of fatty liver disease by almost 60 percent over occasional drinking or binge drinking.

I’m guessing the mechanism has to do with encouraging a steady production of the enzymes that break down alcohol, so your liver is always prepared. (Similarly, it’s recommended that you eat a balanced breakfast because it will encourage your body to make the enzymes needed for the rest of the day).

And now the bad news: a study of middle aged men has revealed that heavy drinking ages your brain. Specifically, it reduces your ability to reason and really reduces your memory.

I guess if you’re going to drink, the best thing to do is stick to 1-2 drinks a day (“drinks” means serving size, which can mean as little as 2 oz), and drink a little bit regularly. You’ll also benefit by doing it in a social setting like a pub.

Do you think drinking coffee cancels out the booze?


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