Beware Free Samples


Doctor With Pills…At least when it comes to drugs. Analyzing the prescribing practices of doctors, researchers concluded that being in the habit of giving out freebies actually cost patients money.

The free samples doctors get are usually for the most expensive drug. This isn’t necessarily the best drug for the problem, or the one with the fewest side effects, but most doctors feel like they’re doing the patient a favor when they can hand them something free.

And when the samples run out? Sticking with the same brand, the one that’s doctor recommended, is going to be pricey.

What about prescriptions? Turns out that doctors are definitely influenced by free samples. Whether it’s familiarity or a less tangible subconscious influence, your prescription is going to be for the fancy expensive thing drug reps sold through free samples.

What’s the alternative? More and more medications have a generic brand available—although you won’t find it in a free sample. You can ask your doctor that any prescriptions you buy be written for the generic. (There might be valid reasons to go name brand—one way that pharma is getting more out of their patents is making a time release version. Some situations may call for such a solution).

And of course, don’t forget complimentary treatments. They almost always focus on your overall health and well being. It’s always better to take care of yourself and avoid problems than have to dig your way out! So eat right, rest, and support your immune system with a supplement like colloidal silver.


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