Cell Ageing Not Inevitable


Woman with veggiesYour chromosomes are capped by telomeres, which are similar to the ends of your shoe laces—they keep it from “fraying”, among other things. When your cells divide, the telomere shortens a little. This shortening contributes to ageing and other health problems, and has long been believed irreversible. Advice was always to relax, eat well and exercise so you didn’t wear away your telomeres faster.

New research has discovered that telomeres can be lengthened, damage reversed. A group of men were followed for ten years, and in a group who ate right, exercised, and meditated, their telomeres lengthened.

It’s made headlines because now that we know it can be reversed, there might be more we can do to fight ageing and improve health.

It also means it’s never too late… you can start living a lifestyle that supports healthy ageing.

Eat right, your cells need the nutrients to be available. You can add a supplement to make sure your bases are covered.

De-stess. Meditation is highly effective. If you have specific problems visualize letting them go. Otherwise, try focusing on a single thing like an image, poem, or affirmation.

Exercise—it’s good for you in so many ways!

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