HeartTaking statins is associated with a 34% increased risk of kidney problems.

Statins are often prescribed to prevent heart disease, but according to this new data the risks might outweigh the benefits. For those with heart disease, they’re already at an increased risk for kidney problems (as are people with diabetes, and who already have some kidney problems).

Low-dose statins come with a lower risk of side effects, so if you need to take them, talk to your doctor about the different options. Some countries are recommending statin patients be monitored for kidney disease.

Other studies have questioned the efficacy of statins; women may not receive the same benefits as men (statins don’t lower mortality risk), and others have questioned whether we are over treating heart disease out of fear.

It’s possible that people who develop kidney problems while on statins are actually experiencing a side effect of heart disease, but more research is needed to pin down

Besides talking to your doctor, you should watch for symptoms, regardless of what medication you’re on. With fungal contamination, glass contamination, and other problems and side effects making headlines, you can’t be too careful!

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