senior-man-back-painIf you live where there’s snow fall, there’s a good chance you’re in charge of shoveling away at least some of it. If you’re not, you may still find yourself slogging your way through it since many places won’t bother to begin snow removal until the snow stops.

Want to have fewer aches and pains? Stay smart in the snow. If you’re the one shoveling, dress in layers you can strip to avoid overheating, and shovel periodically throughout the storm to keep it easy, rather than letting it build up to a heavier load.

Keep some ice salt near your door so you don’t have to navigate ice to get out and start shoveling.

Once you get back in, soothe muscles with Dakota Muscle Relief. It’s natural, fast-acting pain relief and doesn’t have the medicinal smell you may associate with muscle rubs. Working out in the cold (even just a walk) can make muscles tense and cramped, and Dakota Muscle Relief brings a hot then cold sensation to help trigger them to loosen up.

If you get too cold, a warm bath is the traditional remedy to safely warm yourself back up. (You can also warm yourself from the inside out with a warm cup of tea).

Once you have muscle relief, you can also use it for other winter problems, like migraines, tension headaches, and cold and flu aches. Or just use Dakota Muscle Relief to keep muscles calm before bed to head off restlessness.

And make sure that your home is ready for winter (especially if you have pets, a cold floor can be enough to trigger health problems). Check carbon monoxide detectors, fire safety, and have a plan in case of power outage.

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