Fighting Off The Common Cold


It’s an old study, but it’s receiving renewed attention as people continue to predict a rather rough cold and flu season: Vitamin C can help you fight off the common cold, although it’s not a magic pill to prevent it.

It makes sense that supplying your immune system with Vitamin C (as well as Vitamin D and zinc, both also tied to shorter colds) would help support it to fight colds off. It doesn’t make you invincible, just a bit more healthy!

Taking a daily multivitamin is a great way to make sure you get enough Vitamin C, but winter is also a great time to enjoy fresh oranges. In another month or two, orange juice and the oranges you get from the store will be fresh and delicious again. Of course, if you have a citrus allergy or other health concern (some citrus fruits don’t mix well with certain medications) a daily multivitamin is, again, a good safety net.

Of course, if you’re looking to prevent a cold in the first place, just follow common sense! Cough into your elbow (and steer clear of people who don’t), wash your hands before touching your face (or after blowing your nose), stay warm, sleep well, exercise, and eat right! A combination of avoiding things that could spread germs to you or others and supporting your immune system will help reduce the number of colds and flus you get this year!

What other natural remedies do you use to fight off the common cold? Share Grandma’s tips below!


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