With the new year, you may be looking forward to spring. Unfortunately, the flu is still raging, and people continue to report flu like symptoms—so not only do we have at least a couple more months of influenza, but we probably haven’t even hit peak yet.

Generally, this has been, and was expected to be, a bad flu season. We were “due”, especially after how mild last winter’s flu season was. To boot, the flu going around this year is one of the nastier mutations—and it always causes lots of hospitalizations.

It’s still recommended you get the flu shot—but if you’re healthy it’s only about 60% effective, before weighing it against strains in the vaccine vs. strains circulating. So whether or not you decide it’s right for you, make sure you take other steps to stay healthy and safe.

  • Start Resting as soon as you feel sick. It may not be influenza, but there are enough other nasty illnesses going around this year to make a jumpstart on your recovery a priority (not to mention taking care of yourself will reduce the risk of transmission to others! You can sometimes get the flu more than once, unfortunately! So stop it from circulating).
  • Drink lots of fluids, especially water. If water tastes bad to you, try diluted fruit juice, lemon lime soda, or adding a dash of bitters to your water. (This advice goes whether you’re sick or not!).
  • When you’re healthy, exercise. It will help keep your body in good working order!
  • Support your immune system. Feed your body nutritious food, and consider immune supporting supplements like MesoSilver colloidal silver.
  • Wash your hands frequently. Transmission from contaminated surfaces is a huge source of illness when it comes to many viruses (not to mention shaking hands with a sick person!)

Basically, anything you’ve been doing to stay healthy—keep it up!

What are other good ways to avoid getting sick this year?


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