Last year we had a very mild, very late flu season. This summer, however, there’ve been some scary mutations of bird and swine flu strains. Now, experts are reminding us that we’re due for another massive flu outbreak.

Expect to see heavy advertising for the flu shot this year—it contains H1N1 (swine flu) which some say my help weaken flu symptoms from related strains/mutations. It’s a personal decision whether or not to get the flu shot, but just a few points:

  • If the strains match the flu we get this year, you’re only about half as likely to avoid flu symptoms.
  • This vaccine was created on a much shorter time table than previous ones—which has raised some concern about testing and possible side-effects.
  • Flu shot efficacy is only a couple of months. Last flu season didn’t hit until late February/early March. So if you get the flu shot, you need to decide whether to gamble on an early flu season or a late one—where you live and local climate should play a part in your decision.

Remember, some of the best ways to avoid the flu are the old, natural ways:

  • Run a humidifier or tea kettle since humidity slows airborne transmission.
  • Wash your hands frequently during flu season.
  • Sneeze and cough into your elbow.
  • Remember that crowded places (malls, airports) are more where flu symptoms will spread.

And take care of yourself!

  • Take time away from holiday stress, and make sure you get enough rest.
  • Make sure you get enough Vitamin D.
  • Eat nutritionally (and supplement to fill gaps!).
  • Support your immune system with MesoSilver Colloidal Silver.
  • Irrigate your sinuses if you’re prone to sinus infections—keeping congestion down can also help prevent flu symptoms turning into pneumonia or bronchitis, or just a really bad sore throat and stomach ache.

What are your tips for flu season? Share in the comments!


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