Sick Girl

The season started early, and so by now, flu symptoms are prevalent. If you didn’t catch them over the holidays, there’s a good chance they’ll find you at work over the next few weeks.

Many areas are dealing with mini-pandemics, and fighting to get the word out about preventing the spread of flu symptoms:

  1. Wash Hands
  2. Cough Into Your Elbow
  3. Stay Home.

This year’s flu isn’t as bad as some (it’s no H1N1) but few people are escaping it—many areas are reporting that the flu shot has not reduced chances of catching the flu, although some say it may have reduced severity of flu symptoms.

Flu symptoms can include a fever, a cough, general malaise (achiness and wanting to stay in bed) as well as respiratory/chest pain if the cough is strong enough. A runny nose, a sinus infection, and other signs that the virus may have spread throughout the respiratory system can be secondary flu symptoms. If you want to reduce the spread of the flu, try keeping your nose clean with a sinus rinse.

Running a humidifier can help reduce flu transmission through the air, but it’s still important to wash hands and surfaces that might have been exposed to the flu.

If you want to do more than the above to protect yourself from the flu, or to strengthen your immune system so you can have milder flu symptoms, start by taking care of yourself. Eat a balanced diet, get enough rest, dress warmly when it’s cold, and try to work in a little exercise. It can’t help to supplement your good habits with a multivitamin and some MesoSilver Colloidal Silver, either.

Finally, make sure that if you think you have flu symptoms, you stay home. You want to shorten their duration as much as possible by taking care of yourself, and you want to avoid spreading them to others. There’s more than one strain of flu going around, so it’s absolutely possible you could get it more than once this flu season!

Have you had the flu yet? How did it compare to past years?


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