Have A Safe Holiday!


Christmas OrnamentsToday is literally the worst day of the year to need medical care—if doctors don’t already have the day off, a little snow might convince them.

So stay safe today! Here’s a list if Christmas dos and don’ts—they may seem obvious, but statistics about today prove otherwise.

-No last minute decorations! Whether you’re trying to win a neighborhood contest, want to straighten some icicle lights, or just waited until the first day of Christmas to put them up, stay off the roof, and don’t climb ladders or trees.

-Go easy on the hors d’ouervres and treats. Whether the shrimp has been sitting out too long or you accidentally eat an allergen like peanut butter in a baked good, you don’t want to ruin today being sick, especially sick enough to need a doctor!

-Sledding? Ice Skating? Be safe, and always go with a friend.

-Be careful on icy roads. Remember that even if roads seem clear, ice can linger on bridges. Try and plan ahead to minimize how much driving you’ll be doing.

-And of course, go easy on the alcohol. Whether a little too much inspires you to break the lawn darts out of grandma’s basement or will impair your driving, play it safe today.

Stay safe, warm, and merry!


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