SpringMost home remedies—for allergy relief or otherwise—are actually methods of prevention. After all, if you care enough to put in the extra effort for a home remedy (rather than going to the doctor for a pill, whether it will work or not) than you probably value the effort that can go into preventing something like allergy symptoms.

But where to start? Well, if you suffer from allergies, then the first thing is to realize trees have already started blooming in many parts of the country—so start checking the pollen count before you go out, and try to stay indoors on bad days (and keep home and car windows closed).

If you haven’t already, it’s time to turn on your air conditioning to keep pollen out. No air conditioning? Air filters can remove not just pollen but other airborne contaminants.

Avoid going out when people are mowing their lawns, and have someone without allergies mow your lawn.

If you have really bad allergies, mark your calendar for the start of next winter (whenever the leaves are gone in your area). Acupuncture has been officially shown to offer at least a little help in preventing allergy symptoms (note—the study took place during allergy season, acupuncture that prevents allergies long term needs to be done when you won’t be exposed to it for a short while afterwards, like winter).

Have to go out on bad days? Do a sinus rinse when you get home, and if your allergies are really bad, wash your hair and change your clothes.

Why do a sinus rinse? It can help get rid of particles, like pollen, that cause allergy symptoms. After you have allergy symptoms, a sinus rinse can help relieve them by flushing out the mucus that builds up and associated pressure.

What other home remedies do you use for allergy symptoms?


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