How Drug Resistance And The Recession Are Recipe For An Epidemic


Sick ManWe are only a few years away from having to fight several serious diseases without much help from modern medicine. Unless there’s a breakthrough, tuberculosis, malaria, pneumonia, and other life-threatening illnesses will be bigger than ever be before.

Just take a weakened immune system, and add:

-A bigger global population, with many choosing to live densely in metropolitan areas allowing disease to spread more quickly.

-Global warming/the changing temperature and climate are allowing tropical diseases, like West Nile virus, Malaria, and Dengue Fever to travel to previously mild climates. Malaria is quickly becoming drug resistant, as well!

-Growing antibiotic resistance, with contributions from over-prescribed antibiotics for viral diseases like sinus infections, overuse of antibiotics in ranching, and highly adaptive pathogens.

-The Great Recession, which is causing:

-Fewer people to have health insurance
-Fewer people to seek medical care for their illnesses
-The subsequent spread of diseases like HIV, Hep C, etc.
-More people working while sick
-Fewer programs that curb control of disease spreading pests globally

So besides common illnesses becoming drug-resistant and plaguing the US, the next decade will likely also see the reemergence of old diseases (Tuberculosis), spread of tropical diseases (Dengue Fever), and the appearance of new illnesses (bird flu).

Just something to look forward to, and a reminder to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and your immune system!

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