Foot PainGout, also known as “rich man’s disease” is known for causing joint pain. What is gout? It’s the buildup of uric acid in the body—and the feet are often a prime location for it. But gout can also cause kidney stones and other problems, especially if untreated!

Get that joint pain looked at. Although gout has multiple causes, including genetics, lifestyle can help prevent attacks of gout (it can also be a cause—diets high in alcohol, fructose, and meat, including fish, contribute to gout). So get a diagnosis for that sore toe, or red, hot elbow—treating your joint pain may actually be pretty easy!

Gorge yourself on a healthy, balanced diet. Getting enough calcium, vitamins (which reduce the inflammation that causes joint pain) and other antioxidants from sources like coffee (although stay in moderation—a diuretic can contribute to gout, and, more specifically, kidney stones). Cherries are one traditional treatment of gout.

Get moving! If left untreated, chronic gout can cause real damage, including bone loss and permanent arthritis, not just the pain, redness and swelling (inflammation) caused by occasional gout.

Garrison yourself. Whether your risk factors are genetic, lifestyle based, or influenced by medications you have to take, you can reduce your risk, and gout symptoms, by leading a healthy lifestyle—a balanced diet, exercise, and a good night’s sleep are the three touchstones of feeling Good!

What natural gout remedies have worked for you? Share below:


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