MIT has developed a very accurate, relatively painless way to deliver medicine to the skin, and it doesn’t require a needle. The device, similar to many seen in Sci-Fi shows, would revolutionize medicine, particularly by reducing the potential for Hepatitis C transmission.

As seen in the video, the injection involves running a controlled current through a magnet to get a very specific amount of drug under the skin with minimum tearing of the skin. Although their have been similar projects before, this one has the tiniest stream and the most accuracy… plus, being able to inject powder (a process achieved by the device getting it to act like a liquid) is indeed a cool trick!

Hepatitis C transmission in hospitals has made the headlines in a number of ways, including a kidney transplant gone wrong. But the biggest fear of many, and the one most likely to make headlines, is when a health care provider causes Hepatitis C transmission among dozens of patients, usually by sharing needles with them.

Often, the provider, who can be a nurse, doctor, or anyone with access to pain medication has an addiction will borrow some or all of a prepared injection, then refill with saline. It’s not uncommon that Hepatitis C gets left on the needle, eventually causing Hepatitis C transmission as the virus can live quite a long time out of the body.

Patients with a weakened immune system will notice Hepatitis C symptoms first, but others may not know they’re infected until either there’s a news headline or years later, when Hep C symptoms finally appear in the form of liver failure.

Would you volunteer to try the new form of injection if your doctor had it? Share what you think below!:


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