You know the feeling: pain, tension, throbbing or stabbing, and an inability to think through the discomfort. But understanding what are headaches is critical to stopping them. Causes for headaches can vary, so knowing the source of the problem is key to treatment.

First, Address Preventable Causes For Headaches

  • Make sure that you’re not dehydrated. Dehydration can trigger a headache, as well as muscle ache.
  • Address tension. Take 30 seconds a couple of times a day to breathe deeply, schedule a regular message, or stretch daily. If you can, address the specific things that cause stress & anxiety, so that they don’t cause tension in your back or shoulders that could be a cause for headaches.
  • Talk to your doctor. Some medicines may cause headaches, talk to your doctor about switching medications or dosages.
  • Get enough sleep. Supporting your brain is a big part of avoiding certain causes of headaches, and good rest is a big part of that. If you want more support, check out our Sleep Support Pack.

What Are Headaches? Different Types:

If you get frequent or chronic headaches, be sure to talk to a doctor. It’s important to identify the types of headaches you’re having, and make sure that it’s not a symptom of a bigger problem.

Not sure when to see a doctor? If you’re using headache medication daily, that’s a good sign to seek more help. Chronically using some headache medications can create headaches of their own! So be sure to consult a physician.

Tension Headaches are felt in the temples, and include the sensation of pressure around the head and supporting muscles. Causes of tension headaches include stress or anxiety, as well as depression. Take a time out to address these causes, or seek a medical professional for advice & assistance.
See: An eye-doctor, psychologist, chiropractor, or message therapist.
Prevent: Make sure that you have good posture, and are addressing issues of stress & anxiety.

Migraine Headaches are debilitating, and are often accompanied by light or noise sensitivity. Although there may be a genetic factor to getting migraine headaches, the direct cause is usually vascular, and results in inflammation that can trigger pain.
See: Especially if migraines are debilitating or chronic, see a doctor. For natural relief, try an acupuncturist.
Prevent: Eat a diet high in anti-inflammatory foods like berries, nuts, and fatty fish. Keep a diary of how you feel, and try and detect migraine triggers that you can avoid (it could be emotional, nutritional, hormonal…). Some people may find that migraines are relieved by avoiding artificial scents and other chemicals that may be around the home.

Cluster Headaches are intense piercing headaches that recur throughout a day.
See: A doctor for proper diagnoses.
Prevent: Clustor headaches are often triggered by smoking and alcohol.

Sinus Headaches are often the result of a blockage, usually from sinusitis (sinus infection).
Try: A sinus rinse.
Prevent: Keep your immune system strong during cold & flu season.

What are other good headache prevtions? Do scents, sounds, or other natural treatments work for you?


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