Inflammation is gaining an increasing amount of awareness. People are realizing that certain diets contributes to it, that certain foods fight it, and that it may be responsible for many diseases, including cancer.

Analyzing a number of studies that were looking at heart disease, researchers noticed a trend. People taking a daily regimen of aspirin for their heart health were 25% less likely to develop certain types of cancer.

There are two proposed reasons for this: the first being that aspirin fights inflammation. Reducing inflammation may also reduce cancer risk (hence the recommendations about eating bright fruits and green veggies—their antioxidant content is thought to have the same effect).

Second, aspirin also inhibits an enzyme that leads to tumor growth, which gives it an edge over other forms of anti-inflammatory foods and medicines.

Of course, this is an analysis of studies, and before anyone recommends a daily aspirin regimen to fight cancer more research will have to be conducted.

Aspirin can be hard on the stomach, and can have other side-effects. It’s important to talk to a health-care practitioner before taking aspirin regularly, especially if you’re on any other medications.

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