Whooping Cough Continues To Spread


In an effort to fight back against whooping cough, most states are reminding residents to get the TDaP booster.

Whooping cough is most concentrated in counties where vaccination rates are low. Adults who haven’t had the booster are at risk for catching whooping cough and spreading it to infants and young children, for whom the disease is often deadly.

In an adult with a strong immune system, whooping cough symptoms are usually very mild. Adults rarely get the trademark whooping cough. This only helps whooping cough to spread. In infants, the cough is so forceful all air is expelled, and a sucking, or whooping noise occurs as the air is sucked back in. The lack of oxygen can also cause a blue discolouration.

The spread of whooping cough has been a tragedy for many communities, with infant mortality rates sky-rocketing. Originating in Washington, whooping cough rates have increased in most states (and where they’re increasing, they’re really increasing). Other states have stared to bring curb their outbreaks.

While many people hold concerns over vaccine ingredients, some manufacturers have responded by removing mercury and aluminum (the two biggest offenders) from their formulas.

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