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At the Height of Flu Season…

At the Height of Flu Season…

…Warnings and closing abound. Outbreaks of flu are causing closures at schools and community warnings are out in several states, from California to Minnesota to Florida. Stay home when sick, minimize your time in public, and support your immune system with colloidal silver.

Although smaller than last year’s flu season, things are still severe. Young and healthy people are getting hit hard on top of the usual bad cases of people with weakened immune systems. With flu being widespread and multiple strains in circulation, you always have to watch out—you can get flu more than once, and can still get a milder version after the flu shot.

Besides avoiding exposure, hand-washing is a key practice for staying healthy. Increasing the humidity can help make it harder to spread, and it’s good to avoid the habit of touching your face.

Healthy habits lead to a healthy immune system, which can help fight off the flu and keep any illness you do catch shorter. Get a full night’s sleep, exercise, and load up on veggies. You can add in immune support with colloidal silver.

While flu is widespread, expect to get sick if you get on a plane. Typically, 1 in 4 airline passengers will get a respiratory illness within a week of flying. Then of course, there’s exposure to any different strains circulating when you land. It’s especially important to have a plan for your immune system when traveling, including when you’ll sleep, some healthy eating options, and remembering to pack colloidal silver (or with airline fees how they are, ship some to your destination).

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