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How to Take Colloidal Silver

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Colloidal silver is an immune-supporting supplement. It’s been around for centuries. It’s been studied, used at home, used commercially, and more. But how to take colloidal silver

Colloidal Silver
While there are multiple ways to use colloidal silver, they all lead to great immune support.

Even if you’ve never used colloidal silver, you probably have come in contact with it, or at least with nanosilver (colloidal silver is just a suspension of tiny silver particles, or nanosilver, in water). It’s often the secret ingredient when things are advertised as “odor-resistant” or “germ-resistant”. Some companies even use it to outfit hospitals or daycares.

But what does that mean about colloidal silver, the supplement? How to take colloidal silver as a supplement? Colloidal silver is actually very versatile, and there are lots of ways to use it!

The Most Common Method for How to Take Colloidal Silver

The most common answer to how to take colloidal silver is also the simplest: a little every day.

Colloidal silver is an immune-supporting supplement. Most people, use it proactively, as health support before they get sick, and that means taking a little each day. Usually, this is done on an empty stomach.

The benefits of taking colloidal silver every day include ongoing health support, building a habit (so you remember to take it!), and better being able to tell how it helps you and making adjustments.

Just because most people take colloidal silver every day doesn’t mean that’s the only way—some are more reactive, and answer “how to take colloidal silver” with an answer that’s a little “when” than “how”.

At the first sniffle, the first pang of aches, the first clue that illness is coming—that’s when some people start taking colloidal silver. Because it’s more reactive, they tend to vary how much they take, for how many days, to meet their specific needs.

This method of how to take colloidal silver benefits people who are most in-tune with their bodies and can sense changes early, and react quickly. 

How to Take Colloidal Silver with a Nebulizer

Not everyone drinks their colloidal silver (at least not exclusively). Many have found that it’s also safe to nebulize.

If you already own a nebulizer, there’s no fancy work needed. Just put the colloidal silver in the liquid compartment, follow the nebulizer’s directions and get comfortable.

Not only is answering how to take colloidal silver with a nebulizer easy, the “why to do it” is pretty simple, too!

When you nebulize (especially if you use a mask attachment) you’re getting direct support for your whole respiratory system—lungs & sinuses & nose & throat… & even eyes, which are often neglected!

How to Take Colloidal Silver Using a Neti Pot or Sinus Bulb

Naturally, if it’s safe to take colloidal silver in a nebulizer it’s also safe to use it in your sinuses, either using a neti pot or sinus bulb.

There’s a caveat to taking colloidal silver up your sinuses, though! Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple.

How to take colloidal silver using a neti pot: if you’re doing a regular neti rinse, you don’t need a lot. Just add a little colloidal silver along with your regular routine (remember to never use straight tap water!).

How to take colloidal silver using a sinus bulb: While you could just use plain colloidal silver to flush out your sinuses, we recommend doing a sinus flood, which goes deeper and loosens stuck mucus. We also recommend making it more comfortable by mixing in a little xylitol to change the pH level.

How to Take Colloidal Silver if You’re a Dog or a Cat!

Dogs and cats can take colloidal silver too, and it’s simple! Support your dog or cat’s immune system by adding a little colloidal silver to their water bowls.

There’s No Wrong Answer to How to Take Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is versatile, and while these are the most common answers to “how to take colloidal silver” there’s not really a limit. Just use common sense, go slow, and watch for the results you want.

Don’t forget, in addition to being an immune-supporting supplement, colloidal silver also has a long, well-known history for supporting skin (burns, small wounds, and more!). People use colloidal silver on rosacea, acne, and more. There are so many uses, it’s worth making sure you have plenty of colloidal silver around your home—enough to support your whole household!


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