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Is Colloidal Silver Safe to Take?

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When it comes to complementary and alternative health support, an important question to always ask is “is it safe?”. Colloidal silver is a dietary supplement that is used to support the body and its immune system as it fights bacteria, viruses, fungi, and more. But is colloidal silver safe to take? Yes!

Here’s a weird secret: colloidal silver really isn’t so alternative, and actually has many “mainstream” uses. First, let me explain that colloidal silver is just silver particles suspended in water (read more in our article “What is Colloidal Silver?”). Silver nanoparticles are so effective at fighting germs, that they’re used in lots of things—and you’ve probably already encountered them.

Silver nanoparticles are used to coat rooms and make them self-disinfecting (at one point someone was making nursery paint with them, and hospitals also sometimes use nanosilver). Major product brands have experimented with high-end products made to fight germs and odor, from washing machines to gym clothes, to diaper bags. Some hospitals use nanosilver to reduce the chance of infection when using various catheters, and cheaper forms of silver are used when treating burns and other skin injuries—both in hospital, and on over-the-counter bandages. And some major–and very expensive–medications have used silver as one of their key ingredients. If you’re wondering “is colloidal silver safe?”, well, all of that is a huge safety endorsement!

But here’s why colloidal silver, especially a high-quality one, is special: you can use it when and how you need it, and for a much better price than the high-end products that use it. Is colloidal silver safe? Yes!

Studies Show Colloidal Silver is Safe

For years, studies have been showing that nanosilver (sometimes in the form of colloidal silver) is safe for the mind and body, and more specifically, for organs. Some past studies were even funded with the idea of proving it wasn’t—but failed!

When asking “is colloidal silver safe” studies have looked at the issue in many different ways. The most recently published research specifically showed that, at least in vitro, colloidal silver is safe for lung cells

Hundreds of Years of Use, Still a Good Reputation

One of the big things to know about colloidal silver is that it isn’t new. Colloidal silver has been around for hundreds of years. It’s been used to support the immune system, keep food fresh, and support the skin.

When antibiotics came around they were much cheaper so they replaced the use of colloidal silver. But before that, colloidal silver had many of the uses antibiotics have now. One notable use was on newborn eyes to prevent infection.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe to Take in Large Doses?

Yes and no. Is colloidal silver safe? Yes. Is water safe? Of course. But “too much of a good thing” is also a concept you’re probably familiar with. Just like there’s a limit to how much water you can drink, there’s probably a limit to how much colloidal silver you should take. It’s possible that too much colloidal silver will be bad for the good bacteria in your colon. Probiotics can help balance that effect, as well as targeted use of colloidal silver (if you’re supporting your body against a sinus infection, don’t just take it orally–use our Sinus Flooding Kit, for example).

How much is too much? That depends on the person. Your overall body size determines how much you need, as well as what you’re using it for.

Will Colloidal Silver Turn You Blue?

If you haven’t read our article “What is colloidal silver”, you should! One of the key things to know is that there are some products either labelled as colloidal silver or an equivalent that really aren’t! And some of those—like silver compounds (silver salts), ionic silver, silver protein, and poorly home-brewed “colloidal” silver aren’t safe and could cause argyria (when skin turns blue).

True colloidal silver is safe. There’s not a reported case of argyria that wasn’t one of the above fake “colloidal” products. Most cases of silver-related illness historically are related to industrial accidents or amateurs, not colloidal silver.

For more information, check out our article “What is Colloidal Silver?”.

Is Colloidal Silver Safe for Everyone?

Almost! There’s only one type of person that we know of who should avoid colloidal silver: people with a silver allergy. Most people learn they have a silver allergy other ways, because silver is so common in our lives. If silver jewelry irritates your skin, or other pure silver objects cause irritation, you likely have a silver allergy and should avoid ingesting colloidal silver as well as its other uses.

Is colloidal silver safe for everyone else? Yep! There’s no reports of adverse effects on humans, or even on pets! A small amount of colloidal silver can even be used to support your pet’s immune system.


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