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Measles? You Need Extra Immune Support

Measles? You Need Extra Immune Support

Weak Fraying RopeNew research suggests that measles suppresses the immune system for years.

Previously, it was documented that people who got through the measles had a weakened immune system for weeks to months. But a new study suggests that the effect, dubbed “immunologic amnesia” (because your immune system “forgets” how to recognize pathogens) can actually last years (AT LEAST 2, according to the study).

With many coming out of America’s recent measles outbreak, it’s a good time to strengthen your immune system!

Stick to the basics: Sleep well, eat well, and exercise. Each gives you a huge immune boost, but putting them together will really improve your health!

Then give yourself support with colloidal silver, a nutritional safety net (a daily multivitamin like Vita 1) and some de-stressing tea (because stress weakens your immune system, too!).

And ramp up prevention: hand washing makes headlines during cold and flu season, but it could save you some serious issues during picnic season, too. Besides the risk of contaminated pre-prepped foods, which skyrockets each spring, a picnic means any germs that make it onto food will sing, dance, and multiple during the lovely spring weather… which you’ll then end up hiding from in your bathroom.

As far as measles goes, there’s a real push for everyone to be vaccinated right now. While there’s some help to be gained from the measles vaccine, the post ~1990 version offers fewer side-effects but also a shorter span of immunity against measles. You can ask you doctor to test you for immunity, get the shot again, or just risk it. The last measles outbreak is over, but there will almost certainly be another, either from an anti-vax community, or from college students living in dorms (germs! close quarters!) who’ve lost their immunity.

Most importantly, though, make a big mental note about your (or your child’s) weakened immune system post-measles. Obviously it’s subtle since scientists have been studying it for years, but the risks associated with having a weakened immune system are serious. Common things like cold and flu, pets, or just being around other sick people become high-risk activities! So watch out, and keep your immune system strong.

What are your thoughts on measles, the immune system, and vaxxing?


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