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New Year’s Resolution: Starting an at Home Weight Loss Program

New Year's Resolution: Starting an at Home Weight Loss Program

The holidays come and lay waste to our figures with sweets, turkeys, hams, and your great aunt’s fruitcake, so come New Year’s Eve, many of us make the resolution to begin an at home weight loss program. We’ve tried the gym, but once the regular routine of work and family starts up again old habits rear their head and the gym, with that expensive deluxe membership, is forgotten.

That’s why it’s important, if you’re trying to lose weight and get your body fit, to make simple changes that you can incorporate into your everyday routine. Although there are many programs espousing various shortcuts and quick fixes, the truth is there are two key factors to keeping your body healthy when it comes to weight and fitness: diet and exercise.

Diet is the first and most important step to tackle when beginning your at home weight loss program. If you begin working out while still (over) eating heavy foods that are void of the nutrients your body needs, your body will let you know and you’re not going to feel very good, which will make keeping up your weightloss program all the more difficult. So begin by making sure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to function properly and build strong muscles, eating a diet low in processed sugar, high in lean proteins, and full of fruits and vegetables. To make sure that you’re getting everything you need on a daily basis, especially if you choose one of the more extreme diets (the lemon detox, the cabbage soup diet, or any diet below 1000 Cal. a day, all of which are very dangerous and are not recommended) take an all around supplement such as Welltrient One.

If you’re interested in boosting your body’s fat burning abilities, add a supplement such as Super Slim NRG which contains nutrients that maximize your body’s fat burning, and may even reduce your appetite, especially sweet cravings, when taken before a meal. Super Slim NRG increases your energy without stimulating the central nervous system the way other so-called diet pills have been known to do. Welltrients and other Colloids for Life products are all natural, and each one is designed to specifically target specific health needs using varying combinations of vitamins and minerals.

The second part of your at home weight loss program is, of course, exercise. If you don’t have time for long work-outs, try to incorporate exercise into your every day routine. When walking up one flight of stairs you burn seven calories, and when walking down you burn two. If your balance is adequate and you’re not carrying anything, try running when you take the stairs. Ideally, you should have 30 minutes of cardio everyday. Some studies have shown that off-and-on sprinting helps you lose weight faster than steady cardio. In addition to your cardio, many people like to tone specific muscle groups with other exercises and weight training. To support building lean muscle mass take a protein supplement such as Welltrient Whey. Gyms and fruit shake shops charge extravagant prices to add a muscle targeted protein mix, but with Welltrient Whey you can add your own, and it’s got a touch of natural vanilla for the best flavor!

Remember that working out can be hard on your body. For your joints, swimming is the most low impact cardio you can do, although you’ll still likely want to use weights or other exercises to tone your body. Weight training, squats, and for some people, even sit-ups and other simple exercises can cause joint pain or discomfort. To support your joints, use a supplement such as Joint RLF, which helps rebuild damaged cartilage and keep joints lubricated. Your heart also works hard when you work out, so support your cardiovascular system with Cardio CVS Complete. Cardio CVS Complete contains ingredients shown to lower homocysteine levels. High homocysteine levels are correlated with and increased risk of heart attack. Your body is under stress when you are exercising so it is important to give it supplements targeted to help it function optimally.

Finally, some people have trouble loosing weight because they have specific hormone imbalances. To help correct this, take a supplement designed to give your thyroid optimal health-Thyroid MGRx. If your thyroid is not functioning properly, you will not metabolize correctly and may gain weight or not be able to lose weight. Doctors may prescribe replacement hormones, but those do not correct weight loss for everyone. To make your body run its best make sure you are taking supplements that target your specific needs for optimum health. As a result of thyroid problems, some people may develop insulin resistance. Support your ability to process insulin with Glycemic MGRx. Glyscemic MGRx contains a combination of amino acids, herbal plant products and minerals to help balance sugar metabolism, improving your overall health and well-being.

Remember, when beginning a new diet or exercise program, make sure to consult your doctor, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.

by Emma Spera

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