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Preparing for Swim Suit Season with an at Home Weight Loss Program

Preparing for Swim Suit Season with an at Home Weight Loss Program

Fast weight loss tips tend to center around ways to cheat your body into quickly dropping pounds, but the truth is that if you want to look good this swim suit season there are two goals you should hold onto more than the number on your scale: health and confidence. Confidence will keep people from noticing those last five or ten vanity pounds, because if you focus on them, you might lead others to too. Health is often forgotten in the rush to meet airbrushed perfection before the first water foray of the season, but if you’re sick from lack of nutrients, you don’t have energy from starvation, or you have a sickly glow from that all grapefruit diet you’ve been on for a week, it doesn’t matter what your B.M.I. is because you won’t feel well or look good.

Whether you’re maintaining an at home weight loss program you’ve been on for a while, (like since New Year’s) or you’re panicking at the approach of being in a swim suit in public, there are some easy ways to tone the body you have now for full confidence this summer.

First, make sure you’re eating right and exercising–not just because those are the cornerstones to fast weight loss, but because they make your body feel good, which helps boost your confidence (as does knowing that you’re working on, and making progress toward, a more healthy, fit, you). Weight loss plans often offer very specific dietary suggestions, but the key is this: plan your meals in advance, and focus on lean proteins (how much should be determined by how much cardio your doing), whole grains, and all you can eat fruits and veggies.

Not only does eating a variety of fruits and vegetables give you a strong nutritional foundation for your body’s needs, but the water content often helps to create a feeling of fullness, especially if you’re prone to snacking. If you’re craving something sweet or salty, rather than deny yourself and break down later, add some melted chocolate or peanut butter to a fruit or veggie.

If you want to enhance your diet with weight loss pills that enhance your body’s ability to burn fat, avoid pills that stimulate you and come with harsh side effects and choose something natural, something that is a compilation of nutrients that targets your body’s metabolic rate, helping you to achieve higher energy levels without ruining your sleep.

Another quick weight loss tip is to structure your cardio. Rather than doing a solid half hour to an hour of plain cardio, do sprints. Studies have shown that sprinting helps you to burn more Calories more efficiently than straight cardio. So, try sprinting for one to two minutes, and then alternate with a rest period for about half the time of the sprint. If your goal is to optimize your physique for a bathing suit, make sure that you incorporate weights into your workout (try alternating weight days with cardio days, especially if you’re just starting out and are out of shape). Consider seeing a trainer at least long enough to learn proper technique so that you do not hurt yourself. If you have joint pain from the intensity of working out, consider swimming, which is low impact on your joints, as well as providing your joints with nutrients geared to strengthen joint tissues.

If you’re interested in building your muscles for a more robust athletic physique, add a protein powder with whey, one that will replenishes proteins and electrolytes necessary for muscle growth.

Another key to weight loss centers around identifying anything holding you back. Most weight loss plans focus on mental weakness–but it’s important to make sure your body is in prime working order before torturing yourself over cupcakes. For instance, some people have a thyroid imbalance which could impact their weight. Your doctor may be able to help determine if hormones are impacting your weight.

Another problem that could impair your weight loss diet is an undetected food allergy that messes up your digestive system, or, more generally, poor digestion. First, try cleaning up your digestive system. A cleanse may help you by detoxifying your gastrointestinal system (and by extension, your body) of any toxins that are impairing your optimum health and functioning. If you are suffering from a food allergy, a cleanse is a great way to begin an elimination diet. During the cleanse and for the following couple of weeks, eat a very simple diet of produce, lean meat, and starch, then each following week introduce a new element and keep track of how you feel and how your body reacts. Many people are allergic to wheat gluten, for instance, and this allergy, if not serious, can impair your digestive system (a key part of the immune system) as it reacts to the allergen. Other things to reincorporate include dairy and anything else that you suspect may be causing you problems. To maintain good digestive health going forward, consider adding enzymes and probiotics to your diet.

Remember, when beginning a new diet or exercise program, make sure to consult your doctor, especially if you have any pre-existing health conditions.


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