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Wet Hair

Wet HairWhether or not your weight’s on your mind this summer, some degree of looking good when going out is. Here are some ways you can boost your skin, hair, and nails with minimal effort:

-Start eating more avocado. Besides being a superfood, those healthy fats it contains are great for your skin. If you want a healthy summer glow without all the sun damage—your diet is a great way to do it!

-If you want fuller, thicker hair, try evening primrose oil. If you’ve ruled out other causes of hair loss, adding evening primrose oil to your supplement regime might help since it’s main component—Gamma Linoleic Acid—is absent or barely present in most diets, and might be just what your hair needs.

-Go natural. When it comes to your nails, leaving out some of the nastier ingredients in nail polish and nail polish remover will keep them stronger and shinier. Formaldehyde, acetone, etc. strips nails so that when they’re not made up they’re duller, and so that they’re more likely to break.

-Use things you have in your pantry! To restore oil to dry hands try coconut oil, if you just want to soften your cuticles soak them in olive oil (or just rub some in occasionally).

-Similarly—go easy on your skin! While benzoyl peroxide may be effective against acne, it’s also drying (and not that great for you). Instead, try soap made with calendula and follow up with a spritz of colloidal silver after you get out of the shower.

-Consider making your own. For a skin or hair moisturizer, use coconut oil as a base. Then add your favorite essential oil, aloe and colloidal silver for skin, raw egg (cool rinse) or honey for hair. To exfoliate try sugar or oatmeal. If you come up with a good recipe, you now have a great gift.

What other natural tricks are in your beauty routine?


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