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Should I Take a Multivitamin?

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You don’t need to weigh your age, health, and family history to decide if you should take a multivitamin. The bottom line is that most people could benefit from adding a multivitamin to their daily routine!

Unlocking the nutrients in plants with a multivitamin is key to health living.

No one has perfect health. There is no perfect diet, routine, or age to be (which you can’t control anyway!). We could all use a little extra support… and a daily multivitamin is a great way to support yourself. With a high-quality multivitamin like Vita One, you can get the best multivitamin benefits.

Should I Take a Multivitamin?: Multivitamin Benefits

Whether you’re burning more energy and nutrients by exercising and being healthy and active, or need some support while you build up those habits—everyone can get multivitamin benefits.

A good daily multivitamin is your jumping off point for the day. It has the basic nutrients you need to support your whole body and mind.

Even if you have good eating habits, a multivitamin’s benefit is that it acts like a safety net, making sure that no matter how your day goes, you’ve always got the basics in your system.

Only the Best Multivitamin Will Do

Why do some studies suggest people should not take a multivitamin? If you are meeting all the ideals—a varied diet heavy on the vegetables, minimal processed food, exercise, sleep, sunshine, and no chronic health conditions (like Crohn’s) then sure, you might not need a vitamin (although you might still benefit from one).

But so many of those assumptions are out of people’s control. Where we live or work can make it hard to get enough sunshine for good Vitamin D levels. Even eating well, the quality of food available to us can be unreliable (flavorless, colorless but nicely shaped produce sometimes sells better than something grown for nutrition).

The best way to get multivitamin benefits is with a high-quality multivitamin like Vita One that is packed with nutrients.

Studies Disagree Whether I Should Take a Multivitamin

Studies that don’t support that you should take a multivitamin tend to pull popular brands off grocery store shelves. Often, these are lower quality than brands from smaller, pickier manufacturers. Some studies have even found that major brands have misleading labels—they can be all filler, be missing key nutrients, or made up mostly of low-quality calcium.

Choosing the best multivitamin is key to getting multivitamin benefits. Cheap products produced at a large scale are more likely to be low-quality.

Anecdotal Experiences About If You Should Take a Multivitamin

One way to decide if you should take multivitamins is to listen to the benefits others’ say they’ve experienced. 

Why do people say you should take a multivitamin? Some of the possible multivitamin benefits include a better general sense of wellbeing, more energy, and feeling like you’re functioning better.

Another thing to remember is that you don’t know how tomorrow will go—or even later today. Maybe you can spare the calories from a missed meal—but what about the nutrients? The benefit of a good multivitamin is that you can worry less about your nutrition.

Why Everyone Actually Agrees Most People Should Take a Multivitamin

While you might not have a “stop everything” nutrient deficiency, most people are slightly deficient of one or more nutrients—most often caught are vitamin d deficiencies, iron deficiencies, and calcium deficiencies. A good daily multivitamin helps your vitamin d and calcium levels, and may help with the uptake of nutrients like iron.

Why are we all so deficient? It’s not just diet—aging, gastrointestinal issues, and random life events (illness, stress, etc.). The truth is, we could all use a little support, and the need for that support increases with age and experience.

What to Look for in the Best Multivitamin

If the grocery store brands aren’t good, what kind of multivitamin should you take?

A high-quality multivitamin has fresh, not brown ingredients, no additives (most brands use trans fat lubricants), and is packed with nutrients. Does such a thing exist? It does! Vita One is a high-quality multivitamin that meets your high expectations to not be fed fillers and low nutrient herbs!

Everybody can benefit from the daily support of a multivitamin. Once you decide that you should take a multivitamin, load yourself up on nutrients with Vita One.


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