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What Is Colloidal Platinum?

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In the jewelry world, platinum is known as a rarer, fancier metal choice. But in the colloidal world, it’s less well known. What is colloidal platinum?

Colloidal Platinum is a supplement with a lot of reported benefits—so much so, that there’s an increasingly deep field of research looking into how colloidal platinum (or just nano platinum) might be used in medicines—as a supporting additive, drug delivery vehicle, and more.

What is colloidal platinum to the regular person? It’s an antioxidant, it’s brain support, and it’s complementary immune support. Try colloidal platinum to see how it benefits your mind and body.

Colloidal Platinum is Safe

The first question to answer when dealing with something unfamiliar is, is it safe? Generally, colloidal platinum is safe! The only hang-up is that it’s always important to look for a quality supplement—cheaper products are more likely to have additives or just not quite be what they say they are. It’s also important to avoid anything you’re allergic to (although allergies are rare).

Remember to look for a true colloid, which is a suspension of particles in water. Suspended particles (unlike ionic, dissolved particles) will reflect light, giving colloidal platinum a grayish color. True colloids do not need special containers like glass and will not interact with plastic.

What is colloidal platinum? Simple. It’s pure platinum nanoparticles suspended in water.

What Is Colloidal Platinum?: An Antioxidant

Colloidal platinum may have an antioxidant effect, supporting cell health, supporting DNA repair, and supporting healthy tissue regeneration. Studies looking into the benefits of platinum focus on its possibilities as a powerful antioxidant.

What Is Colloidal Platinum?: A Brain Booster

People who take colloidal platinum as a daily supplement report getting a mental boost, like increased focus and concentration, a better memory, more creativity, and even very vivid dreams. What is colloidal platinum? More than anything, it’s a brain booster!

What Is Colloidal Platinum vs. What Is Colloidal Gold?

Both colloidal platinum and colloidal gold have reported mind-boosting effects, so what’s the difference? Some report that colloidal platinum has a stronger effect on what might be described as brain power—things like sharpness, speed, and clarity. While colloidal gold is also known to support those effects, it’s also associated with use for things like arthritis, while colloidal platinum is more associated with supporting cellular health.

Another difference is that gold is more likely to be present in your life in some way, as it’s food-safe (and trendy) and a common decoration—while platinum is less present and less likely to make its way into your diet. Could that absence be why some people report such noticeable brain boosts?

What Is Colloidal Platinum Used For?

Colloidal Platinum is not considered an essential mineral for human health, but many acknowledge it may be beneficial.

Colloidal Platinum is often used to:

  • Boost Libido
  • Support Memory
  • Support Brain Function
  • Improve Creativity and Dreaming
  • Boost Focus and Concentration

You can take colloidal platinum as daily support, or as a boost when you need it.

What Is Colloidal Platinum?: An Important Support Supplement

While platinum is considered a non-essential mineral, it’s recognized for its potential as a good support supplement alongside other care. Modern research explores the use of colloidal platinum alongside other health support and is exploring if and how colloidal platinum may enhance other health-supporting efforts.

For the average person, colloidal platinum is a mind and body supporting tool.

What Is Colloidal Platinum?: A Supplement for Doing More

When you’re wondering “what is colloidal platinum” compared to other colloids, it’s a supplement for doing more. Colloidal silver has antimicrobial properties and supports the immune system; colloidal gold also has antioxidant effects and supports the mind and neurons as well as joints; colloidal platinum supports cellular health as well as provides powerful mind support.

Each colloidal supplement has its own health-supporting characteristics. Find the right combination for your personal needs!

While colloidal platinum isn’t as well known as colloidal silver and colloidal gold, it may be just what you’re missing in your arsenal of tools to support your mind and body. Supplements aren’t just extra support, they’re custom support, giving you control to meet your needs as they change on a seasonal basis. Take what you need when you need it—you know your body best.

What is colloidal platinum? It’s mind and body cellular support.


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