The First Step Of Boot Care


Snow BootsHopefully, you winterized your boots when you got them—protecting the leather or suede from the snow that we’ve been seeing so much of lately. But that doesn’t mean care stops there. Sweat from shoveling (or just body heat under layers of clothes) can take its own toll on the inside of boots. And with this cold snap, most of us our giving our boots more wear than usual.

Here’s how to keep your boots in great condition:

-Invest in a care kit for your boots. Most will recommend waterproofing them before each winter season, and cleaning and conditioning after.

-Add all natural Smelly Shoe Spray to that kit. With colloidal silver and a nice peppermint scent, Smelly Shoe Spray fights odor. Use it before you go out to help stop odor causing bacteria before they take hold, and to ensure there’s nothing embarrassing to smell when you arrive at your destination and remove them!

-Put a bottle of Smelly Shoe Spray in your purse or overcoat pocket as a backup. Don’t forget to pack some if you go on a trip (ski boots need help too).

-Knock/wipe off any ice salt before you come inside. That stuff is great for outdoor safety, bad for leather/suede and your floors.

-Those same bacteria that cause odor can contribute to wear on your shoes—but from the inside. Be sure to use Smelly Shoe Spray before you put boots away, and always wear socks.

-Try and wear your boots no more than every other day so they can dry out between snow treks. If that’s not possible, be sure to follow the above care steps.

How are you and your boots handling the snow?


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