Candace Owens Understands the Power Of Colloidal Silver

Candance owens uses colloidal silver


Some Recent Interviews have called her a right-wing personality?

Candace Owens a farmer born April 29, 1989, is better known as an author, talk show host on the daily wire, and activist. 

In an Instagram post video recently shown, Candace talked about her use of colloidal silver. She has been always out spoken and shared recent health outside the scope of normal routines. Lots of articles have been published since then with NO facts that dispute or deny why Colloidal silver is useful or not. They all just speak about it turning skin blue.  

Candance owens uses colloidal silver

They all Mention A man turning his skin blue due to taking colloidal silver?

 Here is better information about colloidal silver.

The “blue man”, who became an internet sensation after he was diagnosed with cancer and remission has revealed that his recovery wasn’t due to taking colloidal silver. He found success following a different protocol which could be considered more harmful than helpful for those trying to heal themselves through natural means such as supplementing their diet or using other alternative medicine techniques like massage therapy without medical supervision
In August 2018 Paul Karason came out publicly saying “I’m not just the Blue Man” but rather someone striving each day towards living life creatively despite facing health challenges no one should ever have had too much trouble overcoming

The solution becomes less dense and starts seeking out other metals to plate itself onto; this process is referred back to its original form, which was solid rock with a minimal concentration of chloride ions present at only .8 ppm
The dissolved metal moves around freely within our bloodstream until exposed to chemicals like those found on kitchen spoons or toothbrushes.

The silver compound will typically become soluble in the stomach. The rate of dissolution is slow, but once it enters your bloodstream there are chemicals that can induce platelets on any other particles you may have eaten recently or been exposed too previously – this means if someone has had seafood then chances are good they’ll end up with some degree Silver Ions present!

What the blue man had was silver chloride. It had more than 100 ppm of silver in this concoction whereas 10 ppm is usually found in all of us. 

Would I turn Blue Taking Colloidal silver?

No! Argyia can only happen when high levels of silver salts are present and you apply directly to the skin like he did. Colloidal silver is clear. not like silver chloride. Silver compounds might be used for making good photos but are not ideal for taking internally or applying to the skin. 

Ionic silver differs from colloidal silver since it contains silver ions as opposed to their particles. The silver ions in ionic silver are atoms or molecules chemically dissolved in water, whereas silver particles in colloidal silver are suspended as colloids in a solution.

Only silver nanoparticles (colloids) can survive inside the body. Do a little research and you’ll find that for drinking colloidal silver 10 to 15 ppm is recommended. As for the spray, it makes an excellent anti-bacterial.

Mesosilver is quite simply the best true colloid silver on the market. It represents the most effective product in terms of particle size to concentration, and the best value for money.

What Do We Know about silver?

Even in antiquity silver was recognized, albeit anecdotally, as having antibacterial properties. Ancient Romans used silver vessels, and cutlery was made in silver. In the past silver coins were placed in milk to reduce souring.

How do silver nanoparticles disrupt cell walls to counter bacteria?

This is still a hotly debated subject and more research is required, but some research suggests that it is silver Ag+ ions that have a disruptive effect on the cellular membrane leading to death of the organism.

Are silver nanoparticles safe for human consumption? How are silver nanoparticles regulated?

All tests1 carried out show that Mesosilver is completely safe.

The fact that the FDA allows it to be manufactured in a highly controlled facility, and to be sold to the public, supports this. Whilst there are no specific regulations relating to colloidal silver, manufacturing facilities are rigorously controlled by the FDA as with any food or pharmaceutical related process.


Mesosilver® Colloidal Silver

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