So many things can mess with your digestion… disease, diet, or aging (which comes for us all). Most of us don’t consider food or eat passed our lips, but digestion is a big deal. Poor digestion can be uncomfortable, it can interfere with sleep. Over time, it can impact health as your body struggles to absorb the needed nutrients. It’s important to support digest with healthy eating choices, as well as a supportive supplement like Digest Aid+.

Fixing digestion isn’t just about correcting heartburn, cramps, stomach aches, and bloating. It’s about helping the body to perform better. Over-the-counter pills that you can pop before a meal are short term solutions, and used long term, are generally bad for you. Digest Aid+ uses enzymes to supplement what your body may (or may not) be making, helping to digest dietary proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, fibers, and fats, helping the gut to eventually absorb the nutrients better. This makes finishing a meal less labor intensive for your body, leading to increased comfort and sleep (and more nutrient absorption means better overall well-being).

Over time, Digest Aid+ even helps breakdown unhealthy tissue and may help with some pathogens, which could help reduce inflammation and support your own digestive process.

While dietary supplements can compensate a little for bad habits, they work best when paired with good ones. Here are some habits to help improve digestion:

-Drink water with meals. It helps you digest, helps you eat slower, and helps you to regulate how much you’re eating. Warm/room-temperature water is the easiest on the digestive tract.

-Don’t eat before bed. Your body has other work to do while your sleeping, and a big meal will add strain—not just to your digestive tract, but your heart. Try and give at least two hours after eating and before bed.

-Avoid foods with processed ingredients, fillers, and preservatives that aren’t meant to be digested. In fact, even what you rub in your skin is getting processed by your liver, so if you’re working to support your livers enzyme production and general filtration processes, make sure you’re being careful about what you put on your body inside and out!

-Try and eat smaller meals throughout the day, and build your meals in a top down way: a lot of food and food groups to start the day (a balanced breakfast isn’t just good nutritional support, it’s telling the body what food groups to make enzymes for as you rev your engine for the day!), and smaller meals as the day goes on, your more active, and getting closer to night.

Get started on improving digestion today with one of these small steps, and by adding Digest Aid+ to your routine. Eating is key to health and life, so make sure you’re getting the most from it!

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