Lower Back Pain ManChronic and recurring infections are something a lot of people talk about, but maybe not in those terms. Lately, I’ve chatted with a few people about that lingering illness that looms in the back of their brain.

For a couple of people, it’s the constant pressure to avoid another sinus infection. One big bad one, and it can become an ongoing part of your life—with regular flare ups, and concern everytime allergies start up, or the weather turns, or someone sneezes in your general directions.

Or a serious health event—kidney stones or a severe UTI that lead to a kidney infection—and every twinge or pain in the lower back sparks concern of a repeat.

Big or small, it seems a lot of diseases end up recurring or causing chronic minor issues. One theory put forth was that it’s just a matter of aging. When you’re twenty, a stomach ache is an inconveniences when you’re forty, you spend a lot more time thinking about it, when it will end, what it means!

There’s some truth to that, and it’s not just perception changing. As you age, your immune system does too, naturally and gradually weakening. The little ailments that haunt you begin to pile up—until you’re answering “how are you?” with a list of complaints.

You don’t have to take it lying down. Give yourself some immune support!

The simple things like taking care of yourself, eating right, exercise, go a long way. When you can touch your toes at eighty, it’s clear those standard recommendations really pay off. But they can also help against chronic pain, inflammation, and more by supporting and stimulating your immune system.

Do more with colloidal silver—give yourself daily support that offers another layer of defense against chronic or recurring problems. Don’t just wait for a flare up—be proactive!

So many people seem to not realize the mental toll that having those concerns ends up having—and of course, that stress will only work against you. Clear it out by doing something about it, and give yourself a little mental rest.

What chronic concerns do you have?


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