Joint pain isn’t just pain—it’s a block on being able to do your normal activities, whether that’s just getting around your house, getting out, or getting active. There are a number of causes of joint pain, and they can come together to create a mess. Use a combination of prevention and support to get at the underlying causes of joint pain.

One of the contributing factors to joint pain is the standard American diet, which is high in fried, processed, and other inflammatory foods. Inflammation, especially if it’s chronically fed by what we eat, can cause damage to joints. If joint pain is an issue, start by changing what you eat: more antioxidants from brightly colored fruits and vegetables, and less foods that feed the inflammation cycle, like sugar. You can also take an antioxidant supplement to help tip the scale and get a big anti-inflammatory boost to your diet. A targeted supplement like Joint MGRx, or a powerful antioxidant punch like our Longevity Formula are good daily support.

Rule out illness. Lyme Disease causes inflammation, especially in the joints (and if undiagnosed or left untreated, organs). As time goes on, with repeat infections or not handling the initial infection, that damage can become permanent. There are other diseases that can cause joint pain as a side-effect. If you’re feeling sudden joint pain, especially if it’s paired with other symptoms like fatigue, aches, or muscle weakness, get checked out for infection, and get it treated. If you’re in a tick or mosquito heavy area make sure you’ve got daily immune support from colloidal silver, to help your body with its defenses against these common illnesses.

Self-care is important to consider, too. Injury is a major source of joint pain. Make sure that you’re moving your body the right way—take the time to have an expert walk you through the moves, the equipment, or to give you a course training you for any activities you like. A physical therapist can show you the best postures for everyday activities. It’s cheaper in the long run than recovering from an injury! And make sure to stretch regularly, both to aid flexibility, and to know your limits. Stretching also helps build strength in the supporting muscles.

And then, as they say, even the best laid plans can go to waste. Sometimes aging and genetics get us despite our best efforts. It makes the metaphorical hill you’re climbing a little steeper, but the bottom line is to try the same things—eat more antioxidants (and probably make sure you’re getting that dietary support with a supplement like Joint MGRx), be extra cautious about worsening symptoms and potential joint-targeting illness, and stay on top of your physical health with exercises promoting balance, flexibility, and strength.

Conquer pain and support healing with Joint MGRx, and get more out of your days.

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