If the Polar Vortex is sending you snowy weather, or it’s just colder than normal where you live, cuddle up with a cup of health supporting Jiaogulan tea. It’s the perfect choice for warming your insides on a cold winter day.

It may not be the traditional choice, but let’s be honest—hot chocolate, especially with whipped cream or marshmallows, is full of sugar and just not that healthy. Coffee has caffeine and an extra cup or two can upset your sleep. Same for traditional tea. But a cup of Jiaogulan hits all the right notes!

What is Jiaogulan tea? It’s an herbal tea from SouthEast Asia, where it’s regionally known as the “tea of life”, and where it’s recommended as health support for ulcers, digestion, and more. Jiaogulan may help support the cardiovascular system and heart health, as well as support endurance, and more.

Organic, caffeine free, and soothing, it’s got an earthy taste to help warm, calm, and soothe (try it with a dollop of honey for sore throats).

Enjoy cup after cup of Jiaogulan tea during this cold snap, and stay warmer and healthier this winter. With flu still widespread as well as several other viruses, it’s good to be prepared and to make healthier choices. Don’t disrupt your circadian rhythm, support your health instead with Jiaogulan tea, the tea of life.

To brew Jiaogulan tea, take off the kettle just before boiling for slightly cooler water (unless you’re at higher altitude), then steep 2-3 minutes. Each tea ball is delicious for 3 or more cups (and many like the second brew better!).

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