Heart on the BrainA new study has linked heart health (especially in middle life) to a lower Alzheimer’s rate. You probably already know that your body is connected—inflammation in your toe can cause problems everywhere, and nowhere is that interconnection more apparent than the heart and brain.

While past studies have shown that exercise slows the rate of Alzheimer’s, this one makes a much stronger case. It’s not just weight—exercise helps strengthen the cardiovascular system, keeping oxygen flowing to the brain better and longer.

The benefits of a healthy cardiovascular system extend further, too. Heart attacks and strokes are scary all by themselves, but once you survive them, you’re looking at an increased risk of Alzheimer’s—so all that exercise doubly pays off (not only in preventing cardiovascular events, but in lowering your risk if you start exercising under doctor’s orders after experiencing one—it’s never too late to start exercising and improve your health outcome!).

Exercise is getting up and moving, for as much of the day as possible. Going to the gym is great, but not essential to your health—just move, and do what you’re able. Pacing, a walk, a jog—work your way up.

And feel free to go beyond exercise. What you eat has a huge impact—so make sure you’ve got lots of heart supporting antioxidants. In fact, if you aren’t eating a truly varied diet, you might need a couple sources of support. A good place to start is Krill Oil, which provides easily digestible Omega-3 Fatty Acids, as well as antioxidants to support heart health and beyond. You can also try taking a few minutes out of your day to de-stress with heart healthy tea, like our Jiaogulan.

February is National Heart Health Month. It’s a good month to renew resolutions to be healthy, pick up a new activity, or start taking a heart healthy multivitamin.

What is your favorite heart healthy activity?


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