Woman Getting Sun With ComputerWorried about memory loss as you age? A new study has found a strong correlation between not having enough Vitamin D, and losing memories.

Past studies have found other links between Vitamin D and memory. Vitamin D plays a key role in facilitating neuron communication (which you want to be fast and efficient). Having enough Vitamin D is associated with better memory recall—having enough Vitamin D means getting more than just the RDA (RDAs are a minimum, getting more than “just enough” is important!).

The newest study examined the link between low Vitamin D levels (common in the elderly, and more common the darker your skin tone) and dementia/Alzheimer’s. A previous study found a similar correlation among people who were middle-aged. Basically, the evidence is piling up that if you want to maintain a sharp memory as you age, maintain good Vitamin D levels.

You get Vitamin D from sunlight (more easily if you’re lighter skinned, live at higher altitudes, or live closer to the equator). But sunshine also carries a risk for skin problems, including cancer, or may be hard to get if you live somewhere far from the equator, where there’s fewer daylight hours and colder temperatures, for instance.

So it’s important to make sure there’s enough Vitamin D in our diet.

Many foods are fortified with Vitamin D—you can scan your fridge and pantry to get an idea of how much you might be getting. Even so, many people still have low Vitamin D levels, and it’s a good idea to tack on a daily multivitamin to your diet to make sure you’re not in the group that’s deficient (and make sure it’s Vitamin D3—the form that your body would naturally make).

Not just memory, Vitamin D is important for your bones, immune system, and more. So getting enough can have far reaching benefits for your health.

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What’s your primary source for Vitamin D?


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