MemoryGetting enough Vitamin D (like, really enough, not just barely enough) protects against age related memory loss, at least according to a new study on middle aged rates.

Vitamin D appears to be critical to helping the brain “restock” the chemicals needed for neuron communication. The more Vitamin D rats had, the faster and more efficiently they made and recalled memories. There are few side-effects to getting more Vitamin D, especially if it’s in the form D3.

Bonus: getting enough Vitamin D is important for strong bones, and may help prevent depression (especially winter/seasonal depression). The connection between how Vitamin D helps the brain (the evidence in the new study) actually makes a lot of sense. Feeling clouded, mentally slow, etc. can contribute to a sense of depression.

Most Vitamin D in humans comes from sunlight—but with too much sun having its own ill effects, and winter on the horizon, getting enough sun to make enough Vitamin D gets challenging.

It can also be compounded by dietary restrictions—a lot of dietary Vitamin D comes from fortified grains, so low-carb diets will get less. People with digestive troubles like Crohn’s may also have trouble absorbing enough Vitamin D.

Whether you’re going to be bundled up through winter, or want the health benefits of a Vitamin D boost, it’s a great reason to take a daily multivitamin.

And hey, more Vitamin D may help you to remember that multivitamin!

Do you take a daily multivitamin? What’s your trick for remembering to do so?


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