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There are so many super-foods to incorporate into your diet, it might be a little overwhelming. Take Spirulina, a protein rich algae that’s even been used in the diets of astronauts—who gets the most benefits of Spirulina? While it’s good for everyone to eat as varied a diet as possible, here’s who should prioritize adding spirulina to their diet with Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina.

First up, anyone cutting back on anything food related. If you’re cutting out food groups (other than sugar/junk) or just generally cutting calories and eating less of everything, you need to be harnessing superfoods like spirulina. Because that’s what superfoods are: they’re densely packed with high-quality nutrients like powerful antioxidants and usually have a wide-array of nutrients. When you eat superfoods like spirulina, you’re making your diet more efficient.

Because spirulina is a vegetable source of protein and iron, as well as 8 essential amino acids, it’s also an important support food for vegetarians and vegans. When compared to animal protein, spirulina has 3-4 times as much protein packed in! That makes it beneficial for others trying to increase the amount of protein they eat, like body-builders.

Sometimes, we need to watch what eat for different reasons. Age, gut inflammation (like IBD/IBS/etc.) and other chronic illness (the wrong set of gut microbes? Genetic conditions?) make getting nutrients from food harder for our bodies. While one strategy is to treat how the body works, another is to support it with the right kind of food. Superfoods like spirulina pack a punch of key nutrients, and many, including spirulina, are easier for the gut to digest—which means it’s gentler on you, and that it’s easier to actually absorb nutrients!

While we all could use a superfood power-up, some people like those changing their diets, struggling with nutrition, or needing a protein boost will really get the benefits of spirulina. Make sure you get spirulina’s benefits, too! With Blu-Lina Organic Spirulina.


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