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Girl Eating BlueberriesAs we age, we worry about our memory. Is losing our keys something everyone does, or a sign that we’re losing our mind?

Everyone’s mind works a little differently, so you have to start by realizing you’ve always existed on a scale: some people can remember every minute fact of everyday of their lives, but they don’t necessarily have higher level skills (like what you would use to condense and analyze a novel into a term paper). Some people are never going to remember all the little details (hooray for being able to have a tiny computer in our pocket for that) but can do absolutely brilliant things with their brains. Most of us our floating in the middle.

But you’re not stuck there. You can improve and preserve your memory with a few daily habits, and you can start at any age.

-Eat more berries—summer is the perfect time to start. Berries, especially blueberries, support grey brain matter, the bit that’s responsible for memory.

-Feel free to use cheats (mnemonic devices) to build stronger memories. Anything you do to strengthen the association of new information with existing information in your brain will help you recall the memory. You can even use scents, sounds, and even tastes with new memories to help you recall it. (Examples: sniff a special perfume when preparing for a presentation, then wear it the day you’re presenting so the scent will help you remember your prep, or munch on blueberries while studying, then grab a handful before a test).

-Meditate! Meditation has been shown time and time again to have numerous health benefits, from lowering blood pressure to strengthening memories. I think it works on memory in two ways: first, when you’re meditating you’re sort of tidying up your brain. Then, when you’re having fun experiences, you’re more in the moment, ready to form a strong memory.

-Don’t be afraid to supplement for a little extra support. Colloidal gold has been reported to boost not just memory, but other mental functions like hand-eye coordination, focus, and more.

When it comes to your brain, and memory in particular, you’re in control! And any good work you do will pay off in the long run.

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