Taking breaks pays off. According to new research, people who take a couple of naps per week had better heart health. It makes sense: sleeping is restorative for mind and body, and breaks are an important part of basic health maintenance. Make sure you’re supplying your body with needed nutrients for better, easier sleep with Cal Mag Complete

Looking at healthy people, researchers concluded that napping regularly improves health. The sweet spot? One or two naps per week. Of course, it’s possible that people living a lifestyle with room for naps are less stressed and thus wearing down their hearts less, but one or two naps should be achievable for most people. More naps didn’t make a difference, and fewer naps were harder on the body.

You can’t bank sleep, so a good night’s rest is still important. But napping serves a few important functions. 

First, sleep is restorative, especially for the heart and mind. Working hard deserves some down time to catch up. And second, modern humans generally don’t take the down time we’re built for. Phones, “fun” chores, and personal projects might feel like a break from work, but your heart and mind are still going strong, kust working in a different way. Actually detaching, letting the mind wander, is an important part of brain health. Letting it wander as you fall asleep helps mind and body. Third, sleep gives the immune system more time to work, so an occasional nap is an immune boost. Being ill is hard on the heart, so any action to prevent illness indirectly supports heart health.

If slowing down and “turning off” sounds too hard, you probably really need the downtime. It may take practice to teach you brain and build pathways to unwinding, but doing so is good for the body. If you think naps are juvenile, realize that studies also show increased productivity after naps and other post lunch breaks.

Nap better:

-Practice! If you’re not used to napping, just start with 20 minute breaks where you do nothing (or sit outside).

-Keep your body stocked on minerals with Cal Mag Complete. Sleep, and everything else you do, requires chemical regulation within the body. Make sure you take your vitamins so your body has enough building blocks in stock.

-Sleep begets sleep, so make sure you’re sleeping at night. Our Sleep Support Pack, which includes Cal Mag Complete, helps you rest at night. 

-Follow good sleep hygiene steps for naps just like you would at night—unplug, and create a calming ritual leading up to it.


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