If you don’t know what “colloid” means, or you’ve read a bunch of fear mongering about nanoparticles, you might be wondering, “are colloidal minerals safe?”. It’s a good question to ask if you aren’t already familiar with colloids like colloidal silver and colloidal gold, or if you’re new to supplements that complement our other health supporting practices. After all, there is a bunch of crazy stuff out there!

The short answer is, yes. Nothing about being a colloid is inherently dangerous. Nothing about being a nanoparticle is inherently dangerous. But common sense is important, too. After all, milk is a colloid, and if you’re lactose intolerant, milk is, in a way, not “safe”. So while colloidal minerals are safe, it’s important to remember some common sense caveats!

What are Colloidal Minerals?

Before we look deeper into if colloidal minerals are safe, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page as to what a “colloidal mineral” is. A colloid is when particles are suspended in a liquid—milk is an example most people are familiar with. You can’t see through milk because the particles in it are suspended, and reflecting light in a way that they wouldn’t if they were dissolved (when you stir sugar into your tea or coffee, the sugar is dissolving, you won’t see it anymore unless you add so much that it falls to the bottom).

More specifically, a colloidal mineral usually refers to a specific mineral suspended in water. Colloidal silver is one such example. Colloidal silver is made of pure silver nanoparticles suspended in pure clean water. When people ask “are colloidal minerals safe” they usually mean supplements like colloidal silver, colloidal gold, or colloidal copper. These types of supplements have only two ingredients—the mineral, and water.

True Colloidal Minerals Are Safe, Fakes Are Not

Once you understand what a true colloidal mineral is, it’s important to also understand that some things sold as colloids aren’t, or barely are! A true colloidal mineral has nonionic nanoparticles suspended in water. A fake or very low quality “colloid” is often, in truth, a solution! This means it’s made with ionic mineral nanoparticles that are dissolved in water. You can tell the difference because a solution will be clear, or if it’s a low-quality colloid, almost clear.

Are colloidal minerals safe? Yes! Are mineral solutions safe? Not always! A silver solution sold as a colloid or as comparable to a colloid may cause argyria, which is when the skin turns blue. It’s also less effective as immune support. Ionic gold solutions are actually brain toxins! So it’s important to know the difference between colloidal minerals and ionic solutions.

Different Colloids, Different Results

Different minerals aren’t all the same, of course. When asking “are colloidal minerals safe” you should follow up by diving deeper—is this specific colloid safe?

And generally, the answer to “are colloidal minerals safe” will remain yes. You can go deeper with our article “is colloidal silver safe?”. 

Many products you are already familiar with use mineral nanoparticles to support your health, like sunscreen, and you probably already have experience with their safety.

Here are some of the different benefits of different colloids:

  • Colloidal silver supports the immune system when taken as a daily supplement, and can also be used directly on the skin, in a nebulizer, or elsewhere for more specific support.
  • Colloidal gold is used to support the mind, and is reported to boost memory, focus, hand-eye coordination, and more.
  • Colloidal copper replenishes skin and other tissue with copper, a necessary nutrient for building collagen and elastin, which keeps skin firm and arteries more supple.
  • Colloidal platinum is reported to boost thought speed/brain function, including mood and libido, as well as support tissue regeneration.

Are colloidal minerals safe when taken together? Yes!

Common Sense Keeps Colloidal Minerals Safe

Just like milk is safe for anyone that isn’t lactose intolerant, colloidal minerals are safe for anyone who isn’t allergic to that mineral. For instance, a small number of people are allergic to silver. People usually find out they are allergic to silver when their pure silver jewelry irritates their skin.

Are colloidal minerals safe otherwise? Generally everything, including water, are recommended in moderation. And every body is different, so you should fine tune your colloidal mineral usage to your own needs. 

Anecdotally, people have self-reported using high dosages of colloidal silver for short periods of time in pursuit of specific results and been fine.

Are colloidal minerals safe? Yes, for most people in most cases. If you are taking a colloidal mineral supplement like colloidal silver or colloidal gold, make sure it’s a true colloid and enjoy the support.


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