Christmas GrandmaAge can take a lot of things from us—it weakens our immune system, our bones, our vision and hearing… but worst of all, it can take a toll on our memory.

Every one of those things can be slowed or stopped with preventative care. In the spirit of the holidays, let’s talk about supporting all those golden memories we’re making!

-Use your brain everyday. Find a few hobbies that make you think, and alternate between different types of brain stretches. (Example—use your Nook or Kindle to read, but install a few number/problem solving games to. It’s also a great cleanse when you have a “book hangover”—when you can’t stop thinking about the world you were immersed in!).

-Write down your memories. Talking about them, sharing them is great—but every time you do, you layer on the telling of it to the memory, and it changes a little bit. Better yet, make video diaries of your favorite memories. Someday, they’ll be a cherished family heirloom, and until then, you can listen to them to enhance your internal vision.

-Support your brain health.
-Exercising supports body and mind. Just make sure you’re cleared by your doctor, who can also provide a handy guide to help with any
-You should also make sure you’re getting all the nutrients your brain (and body!) needs. Welltrients is specially formulated for ageing stomachs so that you can more easily absorb them.
-Try MesoGold, a daily supportive supplement. It’s reported to boost mental acuity, which includes things like memory.

-Finally, don’t forget to build those memories!

What are you cherishing this holiday season?


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