Ramp Up Your Energy Levels In Time For Spring


As the weather gets warmer our habits change, eating less, moving around outside more. But as clouds and rain make occasional reappearances, it may be hard to really pick up our energy levels in sync with the changing weather.

Many people struggle with a diet that changes with the seasons—light green fair in the summer, heavy comfort food in the winter, and with holidays stacked at the end of the year, large meals, parties, and seasonal treats can easily lead to an extra 5 pounds and lethargy come spring time.

The solution? While many make New Year’s resolutions to completely change their diets, it may be easier to add to their diets.

B vitamin complex, for example, aids the metabolism (think of all the energy drinks based around B Vitamins!). Other nutrients, like antioxidants, can help neutralize toxins like free radicals that cause oxidative stress in the body. Finally, lean protein added to the diet can help build up dormant muscles.

CoEnZyme B-Complex

Triple Strength Antioxidants

Vegan Protein Complete

Of course, don’t forget your brain. Mesogold is thought to improve connections between neurons leading to increased mental alertness, hand-eye coordination and energy.

Increased energy levels make it easier to exercise, which will further increase energy levels! So get started, and enjoy your year.

What will you do with all this extra energy? Any awesome warm-weather plans?


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