Woman Thinking Over ComputerMemory, happiness, and focus—we could all use these anytime, but right now, we’re entering final season for students, golf season, and spring is blooming—so smiles are expected!

If you’re looking to get an edge, make sure you’re giving your brain all the right support.

Nutrition is huge—we generally think of food in terms of our body, not our brain, counting cholesterol, carbs, and calories—but what we eat has a huge impact on our mental wellbeing!

First, be careful with diets. While too many calories can be a problem for your waistline, not enough will be a problem for your brain, which requires an ENORMOUS amount of energy!

Then, make sure you’re getting full nutritional support. A daily multivitamin is a great way to cover your bases!

Finally, good nutrition includes time in the sun! This both boosts your immune system and gives you feel goods! If you’re feeling a little low, the easiest first step is twenty minutes or so in the sun.

Then of course, there’s sleep. People can train themselves to feel OK and appear functional on 6 hours of sleep—but if you were to test their cognitive abilities, you’d want to take away their car keys!

Everyone needs between 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Research suggests your genes will dictate if you’re on the high end or low end. And another myth? You don’t need less sleep with age—if you find yourself sleeping less, read a little more closely, because you definitely need a mental boost!

Exercise, both for your body and mind, will sharpen your brain. Studies really underscore that it’s use or lose it—so find a wide array of mental activities to stretch things out (just like you move muscles both directions!).

And you can always “cheat” with a supplement boost, like colloidal gold! Gone are the days when we eat off gold silverware, plates, or glasses. Nor do we handle gold currency. We eat off plastic, paper, or ceramic. Our food is grown in over-harvested soil.

Seem small? Try it for yourself—add a teaspoon of colloidal gold to your daily regimen. People report feeling more focused, having better memory, feeling less depressed, and having better mental acuity overall.

Does spring have you feeling light and sharp? Or bogged down and cloudy? Let us know in the comments!


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