Selfie wrist” is a thing—some people are taking so many selfies, they’re being diagnosed with a specific manifestation of carpal tunnel syndrome! Now that phones can be used to replace cameras, computers, and more, make sure this essential device isn’t causing health problems.

What is carpal tunnel? If you manage to pinch a nerve in your wrist—taking selfies, typing poorly, or even unknowingly sleeping on it badly—you’ll experience symptoms in your arm and wrist like pain, numbness, weakness, or pins and needles.

It can take months for carpal tunnel to heal, and you have to be careful not to re-injure yourself.

If you’re taking enough selfies to be at risk for carpal tunnel, it’s worth investing in a selfie stick (or tripod, depending). Selfie caused carpal tunnel won’t just stop you from documenting your good hair day, it can interfere with other activities—writing, holding a book, possibly your job, and the pain may interfere with sleep and overall comfort.

If you’re at risk from carpal tunnel from a more traditional activity—typing, sports, or a handicraft—prevent it by making sure you have good form. Sure, you can type with only your pointer finger, but you are probably crimping your wrist!

To help with healing carpal tunnel, take care of yourself in the usual ways, and get additional nerve support from colloidal gold. Some may appreciate topical support from Dakota Muscle Relief.

If you don’t have carpal tunnel but are at risk, be preemptive with habit changes and support from colloidal gold.

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