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Asleep At ComputerThere’s an oddly common misconception that when you get older, you don’t need sleep as much. Maybe it’s based around the idea that you’re not growing anymore, or people just don’t mind because they can get more done. But the truth is, even as we age, not getting enough sleep is associated with all kinds of problems, like increased risk of diabetes, mental decline, and increased risk of a cardiac event.

So why do we sleep less and less? According to a new study, it’s because we lose the neurons that trigger sleep. This also causes disruptive sleep—tossing, turning, etc.

Why do neurons die? Diseases, like Alzheimer’s. Injuries, especially stroke. And of course, lack of nutrition and energy.

Your brain uses 20% of your bodies energy. Seriously, go look in a mirror: one fifth of your energy goes to your head. Really picture that. Now, when you crash diet? You’re starving your brain! When you cut carbs out? Those carbs are energy, most needed by your brain! You can cut back on carbs, but remember when you feel hungry in your tummy: it’s your brain complaining the most.

And what about nutrients? Because your brain is so separated from the rest of your body, I don’t think most people really process the nutritional needs of their brain. Your brain needs all sorts of things to support neuron growth and maintenance, neuron firing, and the chemicals used as communication in the brain. Feel happier on a healthy diet? Your brain is working better, and you’re not slogging through the motions when you’ve got all the good stuff coming through in a steady stream.

So make sure you’re feeding your brain: don’t skip meals, and boost yourself with all the right supplements. Sleep is essential for the brain—it flushes and resets it. So why not focus your support on sleep nutrition? Our Sleep Support Pack has brain supporting nutrients that will also encourage a good night’s rest.

And if you feel like you need an extra boost to cope with missing neurons—MesoGold has been reported to aid cognitive functions like memory, focus, etc.

Have you noticed changing sleep patterns as you age? What are your tricks for getting more sleep?


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